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When it comes to gardening services in Auckland you wont find a better or cheaper company than us. From a garden clean up and regular garden maintenance to ready lawn, retaining walls and landscaping we have it covered.

At gardening services Auckland you the customer always come first. Our commitment to the highest level of workmanship combined with top quality gardening products is what sets us apart from all other gardening companies in Auckland. Try us today, you will be glad you did.

Gardening services landscaping auckland contractors Great DIY Gardening Ideas

When it comes to eye catching gardening ideas often all that is required is some old junk and a little imagination. Here is a list of 5 awesome ideas that will make any garden come alive with little or no money spent.

1. Sock Planters – These always look impressive and will have your guests talking about how creative you are. Gather up all your old socks, you can even use your child’s old sport socks or those of another loved family member. Simply place a small cloth into the bottom of the sock to plug any holes or simply stitch the bottom up on your sewing machine, fill with soil and add your favorite herb. Once you have your desired amount of sock planters set up a small line similar to that of a single wire clothesline but shorter and thread wire through the sock and tie them onto the line. The best place to hang these is just outside a kitchen window so herbs can be easily accessed when cooking.

2. Tyre Garden Seats – These look amazing as well as providing a comfortable garden seating for your guests. Better still is the fact that they will generally only cost you a packet of grass seeds and are extremely easy to make. Simply fashion some legs out of old timber, place some kind of base inside the tyre to support the soil then fill with topsoil and sow your grass seed into the top of the tyre. In less than a week you will have yourself a grassy and fashionable garden seat. These always look better when there is more than one in the garden so we suggest making at least 3 of them.

3. Old Drawers Garden Planter – Before you go throwing out those old drawers in the next in-organics collection you may want to consider recycling them into something fantastic for the garden. Most of us have a set of old drawers so once again this is a very cheap addition to your gardening efforts. Simply get your old solid wood drawers (do not use the cheap laminated custom/particle board types) and drill at least 8 holes in each drawer. Next just add topsoil or potting mix to each drawer and arrange draws as per the pic. Then plant with different brightly coloured flowers in each drawer and enjoy.

4. Old Jugs And Bowls – Old jugs and outdated bowls make excellent garden ornaments placed randomly throughout your garden. You can use what you have lying around or pick them up cheap at salvation army stores or at garage sales. These types of things are best planted with something that produces a lot of colour for the best effect. Remember to make a hole in whatever you use to drain excess water away from the roots. These always look best planted in the front rows of gardens with higher plants behind them. You can even bunch them into groups where you have an empty space in your garden.

5. Boot Planters – Once again here is another gardening great. We all have old boots lying around somewhere. Any type of boot will do. As always, simply drill a hole right through the boot to help with drainage then fasten to any surface like a fence, a wall, a deck or even an outside support beam with a screw or nail. Then fill with soil and plant with your favorite colour. For an extra effect you can also paint your boots different colours prior to planting. Be sure to use naturally bright colours like yellow, pink, blue and red. This will really set off the colours of your flowers. Gumboots are great as they stand taller allowing for a more droopy growth effect. Additionally you can use the laces of the boots around tree branches and hang them from garden trees for a stunning effect.

6. Outdoor Pallet Table – Need an outdoor table ? Know where to get your hands on a few old pallets ? Here is a very simply table idea that looks great and is super cheap to make. You will need 2-3 wooden pallets all the same size, 4 castor wheels (get them from your local hardware or auto store) and some 6 inch nails or long wood screws. Simply give each of the pallets a good cleanup with an electric sander and choose the best pallet for the table top. Next, cut up your 4 support blocks to 100mm in height and stand them on each corner of the bottom pallet then fasten with nails or long screws. next put your top pallet in place on top and fasten to all 4 posts. Finally, flip it over and screw castor wheels to each corner of the base. All that’s left to do now is stain it black or whatever colour stain you like.

7. Old Toy Planters – Eventually our children grow up and stop playing with their beloved toys and most either end up in storage or sold to begin a new adventure with someone else. Well, these toys make very special features in your garden, a constant reminder of your little one’s youth for you too see every time you gaze into your garden. Tonka/pickup trucks and tractors with trailers are especially good as they always look like they are carrying a load once planted. Old dolls houses also make awesome garden features as well, especially if you prepare the right setting for them. Other old toys you can use are old buckets and spades, car carriers and toy baskets just to name a few from a very long list.

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Garden Clean Up Auckland

Gardening services landscaping auckland contractors

Want the best and cheapest garden clean up Auckland has to offer ? Then call the experienced garden clean up team. Rental property clean up, pre-sale/open home clean up, general clean up. Rubbish removal, new garden formations and a full landscaping service is also available. At Gardening Services Auckland we wont be beaten on price, quality or workmanship. Give us a call today to discuss all your garden clean up needs on 021-022-12861

Here are some before and after shots of some of our recent clean up work

GARDEN CLEAN UP #1 – Before Shot

GARDEN CLEAN UP #1 – After Shot

This amazing central Auckland transformation took just 6 hours to complete on a budget of under $1,000 !!! The owners had decided to put their 2bm flat on the market and desperately needed to do something with their unwelcoming outdoor space before the agent turned up to take the photos. A clever clean up like this can make your outdoor garden beautiful again or add some serious dollars and appeal to your property before selling.

GARDEN CLEAN UP #2 – Before Shots

GARDEN CLEAN UP #2 –  After Shot

Here is another example of what can be achieved with a 1 day clean up job. This was just a case of getting rid of the old plants, pruning the rest, adding some fresh daltons garden mix, weed mat, new bright green plants and a mixture of bark and hokey pokey pebble to finish it off. For a quote on the best clean up auckland has to offer just give us a call today on 021-022-12861

Winter Garden Clean Up

Well Auckland, winter is finally upon us. Our gardens are mostly finished apart from our winter crops and it’s time to make our gardens ready for Spring. Now is the start of pruning so make sure you get all of your pruning done by the end of June or it will start to get too cold to do so. It’s also a good time to spray some type of moss and mould remover on pavers, concrete and decking to ensure the usual winter nasties don’t get a hold. If you already have moss and mould growing then you may want to do some water blasting as well.

Winter can also produce high winds which often bring down trees in suburban Auckland so you may want to include the trimming of any overhanging or dangerous branches in your property clean up before it’s too late. Branches that  might look safe might be a whole different story once they are full of water and getting blown around in the wind. You would be surprised what a fairly small fallen branch can do in the way of damage to a property not to mention the risk to family.

If you have not already raked up all your dead foliage then make sure you do it soon and be sure to throw it away instead of composting as they will often already contain fungi and mould at this time of year. Whenever clearing old dead leaves and garden waste always remember to wear adequate protection. Each year that goes by there are more and more cases of diseases like legionnaires that are being contracted through old compost and other recycled gardening products. A good pair of gloves, decent footwear and something to cover your face should suffice when handling these types of products.

Happy clean up Auckland

Landscaping Contractors In Auckland

When it comes to finding good landscaping services in Auckland you wont find a better or cheaper company than us. From new readylawn and retaining walls to property makeovers and new garden formations we have it covered. Give us a call for the best landscaping services in town !

Gardening services landscaping auckland contractors

Choosing landscaping contractors is as important as choosing your hairdresser, your dentist, or any other professional that you need to put your trust in, and for very good reason. Landscaping contractors create a look for your home that you have to live with every single day, and if you don’t just love it, you will find it very difficult to deal with.

If this latter is the case, most often the only way to fix it, is to start all over again with a new contractor, or put up with it. There are some important guidelines to abide by when choosing landscaping contractors, and, as we have already said, they are as important as your hairdresser etc.The first and probably the most important is that your contractor needs to listen to what you want, don’t be talked over when you pretty much know what you want.

This is not to say that all of your ideas will be good or practical ones, but good landscaping contractors will guide you through your choices and work with you on a few new ones to achieve the end result you desire.

Here are some points that you should watch for when you are looking to hire a landscape professional:

Do they ask a lot of questions
Do they querie some of your choices and ask you to clarify what you are saying.
Do they appear as enthusiastic and optimistic about your project as you do.
Do they show a good knowledge of horticulture and plant requirements
And most importantly, are you able to communicate well with them.
Good landscaping contractors will always strive to understand your vision, and present you with an end result that closely compares with the picture in your mind.

There are other things that you should look for here as well.

When you have chosen a contractor to go with, how efficient has their back up been.

Was the answer to your call prompt, letting you know when to expect a visit to quote.

Was the bid in line with the discussed budget.

Was their any extras added by the landscaper that came as a pleasant surprise.

Did their final plan effectively solve any problems, and give you the look you desired.

Positive answers to these questions will let you know that you are on the right road to achieving the end result that you want for you home, or business property, and is a great place to start. Stick by these rules and finding great landscaping contractors in Auckland is easy !

Gardening Services Auckland – Gardening In Small Spaces In Auckland

We get to speak to many Auckland homeowners on our gardening travels and many think that they will never be able to have a proper vegetable garden due to their lack of space. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, gardening in Auckland in a confined space is not only easier, it’s a lot less work too.

There are many ways that one can grow their own vegetables in Auckland and below you will find some truly great ideas that will have you eating your own produce faster than you had ever imagined. From fancy lettuce and herbs through to fresh summer fruit get ready to be impressed. All you will need is a few recyclable items and a few 123 dollar shop purchases to get you started in your very own suburban garden.


It don’t get any easier than this folks. This design can yield great harvests and as you can tell by the picture it takes up very little room. Simply acquire some lengths of old or new spouting and mount horizontally along the sunny side of your house. Once you have firmly mounted your spouting garden troughs simply fill them with soil and plant. These are best suited for growing lettuce, herbs, radish, chives, strawberries and other small plants that are not going to become too cumbersome when they start growing. Another added benefit with spouting gardens is that when positioned properly water dew will flow off the house surface watering them at night.

Tiered Hanging Gardens

Whenever you are low on space vertical gardening applications always work well. Setting up a tiered hanging garden is another way to make good use of limited space in your Auckland abode. You can use many things to make your tiered garden from such as old spouting, wooden planter boxes, old wooden crates, old clothes drawers old pots and the list goes on. Just get creative. The main thing to consider when constructing a hanging garden is weight. Always be mindful of the fact that your garden will weigh a lot more when it is wet or has been watered. Always make sure your hanging garden is well secured with suitable rope/chain and strong hooks that are not going to become loose or insecure once they get some weight put on them. This system also works very well with flowers if growing vegetables is not your strong point.

Shoe Organizer Garden

One of the easiest and simplest gardens you can create is a nifty shoe organizer garden. At gardening services auckland we have helped many people set up their shoe organizer garden and it continues to be a winner with those with very little space. Take a visit to your local 123 dollar shop and pick yourself up one of these handy little things. Simply fill each of the pockets that you would normally place a shoe into with soil and plant away. Great for herbs lettuce and even spinach. In the springtime they also look amazing when planted with strawberries. Best of all their are no weeds so this really is super duper low maintenance gardening at it’s very best.


Winter Vegetables – What And Where To Grow

Yay, it’s winter time which means it’s time to start enjoying the last of your most recently sown produce like your broccoli and carrots to name just a few as these veges will all be ready to cook and serve right now. It’s called the last of the Autumn crops. As professional gardeners the most common question we get asked this time of year is what can we grow now that winter is upon us. Many people are not too motivated to head out into the garden once it gets too cold but if you are keen to get a winter garden going then there are still a lot of great vegetables you can grow in winter.

What you can grow depends mostly on what kind of winters you have where you are located. For example if where you live mostly escapes the frosty mornings and evenings you will have great success with the likes of spinach, onions, lettuce and cabbage but you will need almost no frost at all to succeed.

For those of you reading this that get a lot of frosts our advice is to not waste your time planting anything as it’s just not worth the time and money. Plants do not like severe frosts and the ones that you plant that actually make it through the winter and into spring will nine times out of ten go to seed. If you do happen to get a lot of winter frosts there are still options available if you really wish to keep enjoying your homegrown veges throughout the winter months. A small glasshouse or any other improvised outdoor grow room will get you back in your gumboots before you can blink. This will open up a wide variety of growing possibilities you never thought possible during winter.

Herbs like Parsley, Thyme, Coriander all grow well in glasshouses as do Broccoli, Silverbeet, Spinach and Lettuce but there are a few catches to glass house growing during the winter. The two main catches are to always allow good ventilation throughout the glass house and make very sure to not over water the plants. Stick to these two rules and you will see good growth. Just be sure to shut off all ventilation before the sun goes down or the frost will creep into your grow room.

When shopping for your winter seed varieties always choose a variety that indicates on the packet that it grows well in winter, most varieties will have a strain that performs well over the winter period. This is kind of a must for successful winter harvests. And finally to those of you that prefer to hang up your gardening gloves during the colder months the best thing you can do is prepare your garden for springtime. For spring preparation we suggest a good fungus/bacteria spray on all your garden beds and plenty of good quality manure. Take the time to do this (Many dont) and you will see fantastic results as soon as your spring crops are planted. For further advice give gardening services Auckland a call for some good friendly advice.

Allotment Vegetable Growing

Herb Gardening In Auckland

Herb Gardening
Deciding to plant your own herb garden is one of the smartest gardening things you can do for you and your family. Fresh herbs not only make a huge difference to your cooking, but have amazing health benefits, so what could be better than your own wonderful aromatic herb garden. Herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals that control or prevent inflammation and can guard against diseases. Another great benefit that herbs provide for you, are the antioxidants. These effect the free radical damage to cells that are prone to cancer.  So you see adding a small quantity of fresh herbs to your diet every day is definitely good insurance.

Basil: This awesome aromatic and tasty herb is a powerful stimulant to your digestive system. It will cleanse and tone your digestive glands, lower your cholesterol, help with your blood pressure and immune system and has also been found to be helpful in lowering blood sugar in diabetics.
Basil contains vitamins A, C and B complex, and antioxidant flavenoids. It is a documented fact that the oils in Basil inhibit some bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Parsley: Vitamins A,B,C and K are all present in parsley, which also contains iron, calcium, folic acid, manganese, phosphorus and potassium, wow, what an amazing line up of benefits. Parsley is an excellent appetite stimulant, and is also an anti spasmodic, prevents flatulence, and is a diuretic. This herb also has cancer fighting antioxidants, and has the potential to cut off the blood supply to tumors. Reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes is another outstanding benefit of this herb, so when you decide that herb gardening is for you then this herb is a must.

Thyme: Those of you that have difficulty with digestion after a meal that was a little too fatty will benefit greatly from thyme.  It also relaxes the muscles in your respiratory tract.  Another great thing about thyme is that it contains chromium, which is a necessary element for turning carbohydrates into glucose for our energy. As with most other herbs, it also has antiseptic and anti fungal properties. Thyme has the vitamins A, D, E, and K, magnesium, selenium, iron, and manganese. Its other claim to fame is it has properties that help to protect the brain from the effects of aging, it has been said that this may be due to the fact that it can reduce arterial plaque.

Sage: The biggest benefit from sage is the effects it has on the brain. It improves memory, and helps your concentration. Sage also helps in the aid of insulin which is beneficial in reducing blood sugar, it effects the lipid content of your blood also which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Sage is one of the herbs that has excellent antiperspirant properties.

Rosemary: Having rosemary in your garden also provides you with a lovely flowering shrub that not only gives out a lovely scent but is a very beneficial herb. Another bonus with this lovely herb is that it will grow almost anywhere and requires very little care which is great news for some of us. The benefits of rosemary are its antioxidants, phyto nutrients and essential acids.

All of the above herbs can be grown indoors as well as out doors. Growing your herbs in the kitchen is a great idea for your culinary use but not all herbs do well indoors.

As professional gardeners, Gardening Services Auckland suggests to  plant a beautiful herb garden outdoors and the pot some of the ones that you use more often indoors. Some of the better indoor types to grow are Basil, Coriander, Chives, Mint, Oregano, and lemon verbena. There are of course other, types that you can grow indoors also and if you have a strong preference for a particular herb and want to grow it indoors then check with your garden center to see if  it is compatible with the environment in the area you wish to grow it.

Planning is important when you decide to create an outdoor herb garden. Give it plenty of thought concerning what you will plant and why you will plant it. For instance if you have any chronic health problems, then grow more of the type of herb that will be beneficial to that condition. The one trap that a lot of gardeners fall into, is that they plant and grow all these amazing herbs and then don’t use them all. You will agree that if you do not use parsley, then what is the point in planting it.  I was guilty of doing exactly this in my early gardening days, all I wanted to do was grow stuff but found that it was better to grow only what I used or needed so that I left room for plants that I really did want, when you start gardening it is all a learning curve and you get better at it as you go on.

So there you are, have fun with your new gardening adventure and enjoy the experience and don’t forget to get a free quote from Gardening Services Auckland if you need any help.

Seasonal Gardening In Auckland

Winter Gardening
Getting out into your garden is a year round pleasure that changes with every season. Winter holds its own hidden pleasures in your garden, and just because the beautiful rose bushes, lush greenery and other vibrant plants are absent, it doesn’t mean your garden will look bleak for the whole season. Winter conditions vary from place to place, so it is a good idea to check the plants you are putting in for frost resistance, drainage, and wind. Winter conditions are best suited to lovely flowering colour like Pansies, Violas, polyanthas, orchids, chrysanthemums, Gerberas, and Anemones to name a few.  These beautiful flowering plants make gardening a joy, and if looked after properly, will flower all through the long winter months bringing a burst of colour to your garden that will lift your spirits, and make your friends envious.

Spring Gardening
Spring is that wonderful time in the garden when you seem to find a new energy and enthusiasm about getting out into your garden, and who could blame you, everybody loves springtime with its promise of a coming summer.  Summer planting ensures you of a beautiful garden right through to and into the summer, so plant all of the colours that you love and enjoy them for a whole season. Some of the colour you can plant in your spring garden are, heliopsis,hydrangea, Hibiscus, Allium, begonia, Lilac, Lavender, Aster, Lily of the valley, and forget-me-nots.

Summer Gardening
When choosing the flowers for your summer garden stick again to your perennials. Doing this will again ensure that you have continuous colour and enjoyments for the whole summer and into the Autumn. Your summer garden will need a lot more care and maintenance than the other seasons. This is because the weeds will grow faster than at any other time of the year, and you will constantly need to be watering. Because of the intense heat of the summer, the ground will dry out very fast and your plants will wilt, so make sure you have a good efficient irrigation and sprinkling system installed.

Autumn Gardening
Autumn is a fairly busy time in the garden and you will find that gardening takes on a little bit of the mundane about this time of the year. Cleaning up after the summer garden has finished, and preparing for the cooler weather feels a little depressing but nevertheless these jobs need doing. A good way to cheer yourself up is to plant something nice in your garden and maybe plan a bit of landscaping that will give you a whole new look for next summer. If you have planted pansies begonia and impatient s, they will still be providing some colour for you so enjoy what you have there already and spend the next few weeks tidying up and maybe planning a new look for you garden. - New Zealand business listings