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We get to speak to many Auckland homeowners on our gardening travels and many think that they will never be able to have a proper vegetable garden due to their lack of space. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, gardening in Auckland in a confined space is not only easier, it’s a lot less work too.

There are many ways that one can grow their own vegetables in Auckland and below you will find some truly great ideas that will have you eating your own produce faster than you had ever imagined. From fancy lettuce and herbs through to fresh summer fruit get ready to be impressed. All you will need is a few recyclable items and a few 123 dollar shop purchases to get you started in your very own suburban garden.


It don’t get any easier than this folks. This design can yield great harvests and as you can tell by the picture it takes up very little room. Simply acquire some lengths of old or new spouting and mount horizontally along the sunny side of your house. Once you have firmly mounted your spouting garden troughs simply fill them with soil and plant. These are best suited for growing lettuce, herbs, radish, chives, strawberries and other small plants that are not going to become too cumbersome when they start growing. Another added benefit with spouting gardens is that when positioned properly water dew will flow off the house surface watering them at night.

Tiered Hanging Gardens

Whenever you are low on space vertical gardening applications always work well. Setting up a tiered hanging garden is another way to make good use of limited space in your Auckland abode. You can use many things to make your tiered garden from such as old spouting, wooden planter boxes, old wooden crates, old clothes drawers old pots and the list goes on. Just get creative. The main thing to consider when constructing a hanging garden is weight. Always be mindful of the fact that your garden will weigh a lot more when it is wet or has been watered. Always make sure your hanging garden is well secured with suitable rope/chain and strong hooks that are not going to become loose or insecure once they get some weight put on them. This system also works very well with flowers if growing vegetables is not your strong point.

Shoe Organizer Garden

One of the easiest and simplest gardens you can create is a nifty shoe organizer garden. At gardening services auckland we have helped many people set up their shoe organizer garden and it continues to be a winner with those with very little space. Take a visit to your local 123 dollar shop and pick yourself up one of these handy little things. Simply fill each of the pockets that you would normally place a shoe into with soil and plant away. Great for herbs lettuce and even spinach. In the springtime they also look amazing when planted with strawberries. Best of all their are no weeds so this really is super duper low maintenance gardening at it’s very best.


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