Herb Gardening In Auckland

Herb Gardening
Deciding to plant your own herb garden is one of the smartest gardening things you can do for you and your family. Fresh herbs not only make a huge difference to your cooking, but have amazing health benefits, so what could be better than your own wonderful aromatic herb garden. Herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals that control or prevent inflammation and can guard against diseases. Another great benefit that herbs provide for you, are the antioxidants. These effect the free radical damage to cells that are prone to cancer.  So you see adding a small quantity of fresh herbs to your diet every day is definitely good insurance.

Basil: This awesome aromatic and tasty herb is a powerful stimulant to your digestive system. It will cleanse and tone your digestive glands, lower your cholesterol, help with your blood pressure and immune system and has also been found to be helpful in lowering blood sugar in diabetics.
Basil contains vitamins A, C and B complex, and antioxidant flavenoids. It is a documented fact that the oils in Basil inhibit some bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Parsley: Vitamins A,B,C and K are all present in parsley, which also contains iron, calcium, folic acid, manganese, phosphorus and potassium, wow, what an amazing line up of benefits. Parsley is an excellent appetite stimulant, and is also an anti spasmodic, prevents flatulence, and is a diuretic. This herb also has cancer fighting antioxidants, and has the potential to cut off the blood supply to tumors. Reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes is another outstanding benefit of this herb, so when you decide that herb gardening is for you then this herb is a must.

Thyme: Those of you that have difficulty with digestion after a meal that was a little too fatty will benefit greatly from thyme.  It also relaxes the muscles in your respiratory tract.  Another great thing about thyme is that it contains chromium, which is a necessary element for turning carbohydrates into glucose for our energy. As with most other herbs, it also has antiseptic and anti fungal properties. Thyme has the vitamins A, D, E, and K, magnesium, selenium, iron, and manganese. Its other claim to fame is it has properties that help to protect the brain from the effects of aging, it has been said that this may be due to the fact that it can reduce arterial plaque.

Sage: The biggest benefit from sage is the effects it has on the brain. It improves memory, and helps your concentration. Sage also helps in the aid of insulin which is beneficial in reducing blood sugar, it effects the lipid content of your blood also which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Sage is one of the herbs that has excellent antiperspirant properties.

Rosemary: Having rosemary in your garden also provides you with a lovely flowering shrub that not only gives out a lovely scent but is a very beneficial herb. Another bonus with this lovely herb is that it will grow almost anywhere and requires very little care which is great news for some of us. The benefits of rosemary are its antioxidants, phyto nutrients and essential acids.

All of the above herbs can be grown indoors as well as out doors. Growing your herbs in the kitchen is a great idea for your culinary use but not all herbs do well indoors.

As professional gardeners, Gardening Services Auckland suggests to  plant a beautiful herb garden outdoors and the pot some of the ones that you use more often indoors. Some of the better indoor types to grow are Basil, Coriander, Chives, Mint, Oregano, and lemon verbena. There are of course other, types that you can grow indoors also and if you have a strong preference for a particular herb and want to grow it indoors then check with your garden center to see if  it is compatible with the environment in the area you wish to grow it.

Planning is important when you decide to create an outdoor herb garden. Give it plenty of thought concerning what you will plant and why you will plant it. For instance if you have any chronic health problems, then grow more of the type of herb that will be beneficial to that condition. The one trap that a lot of gardeners fall into, is that they plant and grow all these amazing herbs and then don’t use them all. You will agree that if you do not use parsley, then what is the point in planting it.  I was guilty of doing exactly this in my early gardening days, all I wanted to do was grow stuff but found that it was better to grow only what I used or needed so that I left room for plants that I really did want, when you start gardening it is all a learning curve and you get better at it as you go on.

So there you are, have fun with your new gardening adventure and enjoy the experience and don’t forget to get a free quote from Gardening Services Auckland if you need any help.

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