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When it comes to finding good landscaping services in Auckland you wont find a better or cheaper company than us. From new readylawn and retaining walls to property makeovers and new garden formations we have it covered. Give us a call for the best landscaping services in town !

Gardening services landscaping auckland contractors

Choosing landscaping contractors is as important as choosing your hairdresser, your dentist, or any other professional that you need to put your trust in, and for very good reason. Landscaping contractors create a look for your home that you have to live with every single day, and if you don’t just love it, you will find it very difficult to deal with.

If this latter is the case, most often the only way to fix it, is to start all over again with a new contractor, or put up with it. There are some important guidelines to abide by when choosing landscaping contractors, and, as we have already said, they are as important as your hairdresser etc.The first and probably the most important is that your contractor needs to listen to what you want, don’t be talked over when you pretty much know what you want.

This is not to say that all of your ideas will be good or practical ones, but good landscaping contractors will guide you through your choices and work with you on a few new ones to achieve the end result you desire.

Here are some points that you should watch for when you are looking to hire a landscape professional:

Do they ask a lot of questions
Do they querie some of your choices and ask you to clarify what you are saying.
Do they appear as enthusiastic and optimistic about your project as you do.
Do they show a good knowledge of horticulture and plant requirements
And most importantly, are you able to communicate well with them.
Good landscaping contractors will always strive to understand your vision, and present you with an end result that closely compares with the picture in your mind.

There are other things that you should look for here as well.

When you have chosen a contractor to go with, how efficient has their back up been.

Was the answer to your call prompt, letting you know when to expect a visit to quote.

Was the bid in line with the discussed budget.

Was their any extras added by the landscaper that came as a pleasant surprise.

Did their final plan effectively solve any problems, and give you the look you desired.

Positive answers to these questions will let you know that you are on the right road to achieving the end result that you want for you home, or business property, and is a great place to start. Stick by these rules and finding great landscaping contractors in Auckland is easy !

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