Seasonal Gardening In Auckland

Winter Gardening
Getting out into your garden is a year round pleasure that changes with every season. Winter holds its own hidden pleasures in your garden, and just because the beautiful rose bushes, lush greenery and other vibrant plants are absent, it doesn’t mean your garden will look bleak for the whole season. Winter conditions vary from place to place, so it is a good idea to check the plants you are putting in for frost resistance, drainage, and wind. Winter conditions are best suited to lovely flowering colour like Pansies, Violas, polyanthas, orchids, chrysanthemums, Gerberas, and Anemones to name a few.  These beautiful flowering plants make gardening a joy, and if looked after properly, will flower all through the long winter months bringing a burst of colour to your garden that will lift your spirits, and make your friends envious.

Spring Gardening
Spring is that wonderful time in the garden when you seem to find a new energy and enthusiasm about getting out into your garden, and who could blame you, everybody loves springtime with its promise of a coming summer.  Summer planting ensures you of a beautiful garden right through to and into the summer, so plant all of the colours that you love and enjoy them for a whole season. Some of the colour you can plant in your spring garden are, heliopsis,hydrangea, Hibiscus, Allium, begonia, Lilac, Lavender, Aster, Lily of the valley, and forget-me-nots.

Summer Gardening
When choosing the flowers for your summer garden stick again to your perennials. Doing this will again ensure that you have continuous colour and enjoyments for the whole summer and into the Autumn. Your summer garden will need a lot more care and maintenance than the other seasons. This is because the weeds will grow faster than at any other time of the year, and you will constantly need to be watering. Because of the intense heat of the summer, the ground will dry out very fast and your plants will wilt, so make sure you have a good efficient irrigation and sprinkling system installed.

Autumn Gardening
Autumn is a fairly busy time in the garden and you will find that gardening takes on a little bit of the mundane about this time of the year. Cleaning up after the summer garden has finished, and preparing for the cooler weather feels a little depressing but nevertheless these jobs need doing. A good way to cheer yourself up is to plant something nice in your garden and maybe plan a bit of landscaping that will give you a whole new look for next summer. If you have planted pansies begonia and impatient s, they will still be providing some colour for you so enjoy what you have there already and spend the next few weeks tidying up and maybe planning a new look for you garden. - New Zealand business listings

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