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Gardening services landscaping auckland contractors Great DIY Gardening Ideas

When it comes to eye catching gardening ideas often all that is required is some old junk and a little imagination. Here is a list of 5 awesome ideas that will make any garden come alive with little or no money spent.

1. Sock Planters – These always look impressive and will have your guests talking about how creative you are. Gather up all your old socks, you can even use your child’s old sport socks or those of another loved family member. Simply place a small cloth into the bottom of the sock to plug any holes or simply stitch the bottom up on your sewing machine, fill with soil and add your favorite herb. Once you have your desired amount of sock planters set up a small line similar to that of a single wire clothesline but shorter and thread wire through the sock and tie them onto the line. The best place to hang these is just outside a kitchen window so herbs can be easily accessed when cooking.

2. Tyre Garden Seats – These look amazing as well as providing a comfortable garden seating for your guests. Better still is the fact that they will generally only cost you a packet of grass seeds and are extremely easy to make. Simply fashion some legs out of old timber, place some kind of base inside the tyre to support the soil then fill with topsoil and sow your grass seed into the top of the tyre. In less than a week you will have yourself a grassy and fashionable garden seat. These always look better when there is more than one in the garden so we suggest making at least 3 of them.

3. Old Drawers Garden Planter – Before you go throwing out those old drawers in the next in-organics collection you may want to consider recycling them into something fantastic for the garden. Most of us have a set of old drawers so once again this is a very cheap addition to your gardening efforts. Simply get your old solid wood drawers (do not use the cheap laminated custom/particle board types) and drill at least 8 holes in each drawer. Next just add topsoil or potting mix to each drawer and arrange draws as per the pic. Then plant with different brightly coloured flowers in each drawer and enjoy.

4. Old Jugs And Bowls – Old jugs and outdated bowls make excellent garden ornaments placed randomly throughout your garden. You can use what you have lying around or pick them up cheap at salvation army stores or at garage sales. These types of things are best planted with something that produces a lot of colour for the best effect. Remember to make a hole in whatever you use to drain excess water away from the roots. These always look best planted in the front rows of gardens with higher plants behind them. You can even bunch them into groups where you have an empty space in your garden.

5. Boot Planters – Once again here is another gardening great. We all have old boots lying around somewhere. Any type of boot will do. As always, simply drill a hole right through the boot to help with drainage then fasten to any surface like a fence, a wall, a deck or even an outside support beam with a screw or nail. Then fill with soil and plant with your favorite colour. For an extra effect you can also paint your boots different colours prior to planting. Be sure to use naturally bright colours like yellow, pink, blue and red. This will really set off the colours of your flowers. Gumboots are great as they stand taller allowing for a more droopy growth effect. Additionally you can use the laces of the boots around tree branches and hang them from garden trees for a stunning effect.

6. Outdoor Pallet Table – Need an outdoor table ? Know where to get your hands on a few old pallets ? Here is a very simply table idea that looks great and is super cheap to make. You will need 2-3 wooden pallets all the same size, 4 castor wheels (get them from your local hardware or auto store) and some 6 inch nails or long wood screws. Simply give each of the pallets a good cleanup with an electric sander and choose the best pallet for the table top. Next, cut up your 4 support blocks to 100mm in height and stand them on each corner of the bottom pallet then fasten with nails or long screws. next put your top pallet in place on top and fasten to all 4 posts. Finally, flip it over and screw castor wheels to each corner of the base. All that’s left to do now is stain it black or whatever colour stain you like.

7. Old Toy Planters – Eventually our children grow up and stop playing with their beloved toys and most either end up in storage or sold to begin a new adventure with someone else. Well, these toys make very special features in your garden, a constant reminder of your little one’s youth for you too see every time you gaze into your garden. Tonka/pickup trucks and tractors with trailers are especially good as they always look like they are carrying a load once planted. Old dolls houses also make awesome garden features as well, especially if you prepare the right setting for them. Other old toys you can use are old buckets and spades, car carriers and toy baskets just to name a few from a very long list.

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  1. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality gardening and landscaping. The team was a breeze to work with and we could not be happier with the job they did and the huge transformation we saw.

    Jenny, Manukau Heights

  2. I would like a section clean up done on our property please (like in Burswood Estate, off Ti Rakau Drive, Botany). It is quite overgrown and needs some attention. I would then be looking at a regular maintenance program. Could someone please call me ASAP. I would like to have the clean up done before Christmas if possible. Thank you.

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