Water Blasting Services Auckland

If you are on the hunt for a top notch water blasting company that can get the job done fast with great results every time and at a price that EVERYONE can afford then look no further.  Give Water Blasting Services Auckland a call today to arrange a prompt free quote on all things water blasting on 021-022-12861

Not all water blasting contractors are created equal when it comes to water blasting services. Using incorrect pressures and/or chemicals can often result in surface damage to the area being water blasted. When you use Water Blasting Services Auckland you can rest assured that our team of trained professionals will leave your surfaces sparkling clean and damage free. WE GUARANTEE IT !

We cover….. South Auckland, East Auckland, Central Auckland and West Auckland

Selling your home ? Want to make it look a million bucks in just a few short hours for a price that will put a smile on your face ? Then you need our water blasting services auckland “Makeover Package”.

Prospective buyers looking for their next purchase are always impressed when the driveway, paths, patios and fences of a property are in “As New” condition. To most buyers this instantly indicates a well kept property. Even pathways and decks that have been down for 15+ years come up like brand new once the water blasting is complete. In fact, waterblasting is the fastest and cheapest way to completely transform every outdoor surface of your property in under 1 day !

water blasting services aucklandWhilst many people only consider hiring a water blasting company when they are ready to sell or move there are many other areas around the home that need regular water blasting for safety purposes.

Patios: Concrete patios can be especially slippery when they are not clear of growth or debris. patio water blasting servicesWhat makes them so dangerous to us kiwis is just how much time we spend walking around on them when they are in this slippery condition.  The best time to water blast these surfaces is the beginning of winter when they are going to be at their most vulnerable to the wet and cold. Depending on the size of the patio they usually cost around $95 for water blasting services to bring them back to new. Getting this done every year at the onset of winter is substantially cheaper than a trip to hospital and the doctors bills that follow.

Driveways: From street appeal to reasons of safety there are many reasons you should have your driveway water blasted once a year. driveway water blasting servicesEven more so for those who have a steep or angled driveway. A driveway clean of moss and mildew has many benefits like less debris getting carried into the house by foot traffic, safer exit and entry if you are on a slope and even less risk of slipping over and breaking a bone.  That’s not to mention the pleasure you will get every time you pull up to your home and notice how much better your driveway looks compared to your neighbors.

Pool Areas: When it comes to the surfaces in and around pools and wet areas regularly hiring water blasting services is a must. water blasting south aucklandNowhere is probably more important than these types of areas. A pool surrounding that has not been water blasted for sometime can be very slippery and very dangerous due to the alkalinity and acidic properties of pool chemicals mixed with rain and organic matter. Safety is always paramount in and around pool areas, especially where playing children are present. Keep these surfaces clean by giving water blasting services south auckland a call on 021-022-12861 today for a free quote.


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